Shree Radhey Technology
NABL (Department of Science & Technology Government of India) Accredited Laboratory


Shree Radhey Technology is an independent facility. That provides quality repair & calibration services for testing & measuring instruments. Shree Radhey Technology is ISO/9001:2008 certified company and accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories NABL Accredited Laboratory, Department of Science & Technology for Electro-Technical, Mechanical & Thermal Parameter. In less than a decade Shree Radhey Technology has built strong business relationships and a wealth of engineering experience, creating a sustainable value for companies relying on test, measurement and control instrumentation, through an extensive network of measurement team represented by strong technical work staffs , highly skilled engineers, facilities and resources...

High accuracy master equipments, trained personnel & strict environmental conditions are maintained to ensure low uncertainty of measurements. Calibration Certificates issued by the Laboratory establishes traceability to International or National Standards. Quality is an integral part of our company philosophy. We provide extensive customer support. This has given us a valuable reputation with organisations and is one reason for our continued success.

One stop shopping – This is what our customer's want, what they need, and it is what we provide. We listen to you and make every effort to provide the services that you need to satisfy your business requirements. This is what has made Shree Radhey Technology the foremost laboratory in Northern India.

Shree Radhey Technology has its laboratory and corporate office based at the heart of industrial town & Collection center Jodhpur, Indore, Yamuna Nagar(Haryana), Bharuch .

Sister Concern

RSEW (Resistance Seam Welding)

The Resistance Seam Welding (RSEW) is very much similar to the Spot Welding (RSW) but here circular rotating electrodes are used. And here we get continuous weld which is air-tight (If the process is perfect).

The seam-welding form of the resistance process is a series of overlapping welds. Two or more sheets of base metal are usually passed between electrode rollers, as shown in following Figure, which transmit the current and also the mechanical pressure required for producing a welded seam which is normally gas-tight or liquid-tight.

  • Tractor Parts
  • Hydraulic Machines
  • Handicraft Items
  • Testing Machine


Shree Radhey Technology is the largest manufacturer strategy of testing in India, with the largest electronics and products assembly capacity dedicated to the lighting industry.